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27 May 2024


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Impress Solutions company based in the Samutprakarn city.Do business a leading supplier of equipment and machinery. Which have been imported from overseas. Including after-sales service. Also provide technical. As well as maintenance of machinery. With long experience of the past, the company has realized particularly in the matter of supply the machine good quality for deliver to our customers. Also focuses attention on the good after-sales service to ensure that Our customers will be able to operate steadily.


 CNC Machine

The development of CNC machines with over 40 years in 1948, the Institute of MIT (Institute of Technology) has begun to develop a computer-controlled mechanical system up. In order to apply In the production of aircraft parts based on the dynamics of the complex.
      The study Such has been created and produced by numerical control machining (NC Machine) for use in industrial metal, so the development of CNC machine started from the NC machine first. 


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